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We are delighted to see the impact the book is having on the industry. Thank you to the team of writers, and to those who put aside time to provide feedback.

“The health tech must read!” John Nosta, Founder of NostaLab

“Interested in #DigitalHealth? This is it then!!” – Rafael J. Grossmann, MD, FACS, Trauma Surgeon & Digital Health Innovator

“Fantastic book by TAMP Advisory Board Member in Global Health Law & Philosophy & Digital Health Expert, Bianca Rose Phillips LLB. BComm. GradDipLP. LLM.! It is packed with deep insights, immense value and immediately applicable wisdom! Highly recommend picking it up!” – David A. Hall MA, MHA, PMP, MIS/IT, CEO of TAMP

"This book is up there with the classics, like Thomas Kuhn's - Structure of Scientific Revolutions or Karl Popper's - Logic of Scientific Discovery." Tom Castles, Digital Health Journalist & Editor  

"Phillips does a wonderful job analyzing the mechanisms of change in this book. She goes beyond the headlines and hype that are inherent to digital health and cracks what's really at stake and really at play." Jack Murtha, Digital Health Journalist & Editor

“Bianca Rose Phillips wrote the book." Thomas Hickey, MedTech Gurus Podcast

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