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Making the Digital Health Revolution (eBook) - $9.99 AUD

Making the Digital Health Revolution (eBook) - $9.99 AUD


Making the Digital Health Revolution (eBook) by Bianca Rose Phillips.


My latest work focuses on revolutions and the role of law in making them. The challenge was to select a case study to explore hard questions on the legal process of revolutions. Read chapter 1 and you will see why digital health was selected. At this moment, the field is one of the most exciting and trying arenas for human discovery and innovation. If we allow it to grow, digital health will challenge and change humanity and evolve humankind. The 22nd-century history books will likely judge our success or failure. But the reality is that the legal mechanisms underlying the digital health revolution have yet to be critically explored. Through a historical review and case study, this book aims to examine those mechanisms and contribute to our societal knowledge on digital health and revolutions. Making the Digital Health Revolution is for those with a desire to discover more about healthcare revolutions and to understand the role of law and legal philosophy in making them.


The Preface
Ch 1 Digital Health as a Case Study of Revolutions 
Ch 2 What Makes a Revolution?
Ch 3 General Theories on Structure & Logic in Law Making
Ch 4 Specific Theories: Pillars of Digital Health Law Making
Ch 5 Specific Theories: Structure & Logic of Digital Health Law Making

Guest Writer Contributions



Written by Bianca Rose Phillips LLB, BComm, GradDipLP, LLM, Lawyer & Officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria. 

Edited by journalists Jack Murtha and Tom Castles

Interactive eBook with links to podcasts

Option to highlight and add comments to the book

Page numbers align with those in PDF reader 

77 A4 pages (the equivalent of 154 A5 pages in a standard bound book)

Printable PDF (can be printed once downloaded)

File size 1,001 KB 

$34.80 AUD 

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