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Books on a Yellow Wall

Meet Bianca

Bianca Rose Phillips works on the boundaries of human and machine exploration in fields of medicine, science, and digital health. 

Law expertise:

  • Law Making Process & Design

  • Logical Methods in Law Making

  • Structure of Revolutions

  • Statutory Interpretation 

  • Philosophy (Jurisprudential Thinking)

Current healthcare research areas:

  • Binocular Vision Dysfunction

  • Vaccine Side Effects

  • Evidence Based Digital Health

  • Injuries & Death from Digital Health 

  • Maternity Ward Family Support

  • Access to Pre & Post Natal Physiotherapy

  • Wheelchair Accessibility

  • Nutrition, Exercise & Disease Prevention 

  • Wearables Market

  • Healthcare Education Design

Her qualifications are as follows: Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce, Graduate Diploma of Professional Legal Practice, Master of Laws (Medical Law & Telemedicine Thesis). She is Admitted as a Lawyer & Officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria. 

Her steadfast commitment to healthcare led to Bianca being selected as 'One of Fifty of the Most Influential voices in healthcare' by Medika Life. 

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My Story

20240424_195843 (1).jpg

We have all experienced the healthcare systems in our respective towns and cities. Many of us wish for better for the next generation. I have personally seen just how poorly healthcare practices can function both here in Australia, developing, and third world countries. I have also seen another side to healthcare practice; seamless, supportive and truly excellent care. I have witnessed the ability for both the patient and the caregiver to feel truly supported and to excel. I therefore decided to study how health systems can change and improve. I have travelled across the world to share my vision for healthcare, but since Covid, I have been sharing my message from home in Australia. I hope that the next generation will benefit from all of our contributions toward the betterment of healthcare systems around the world. 

When I am not working, I am spending time with my husband and three beautiful children, hosting dinner parties and playing guitar. My favourite song to listen to is - 'For the Love of God' by Steve Vai. 

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