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Meet Bianca

Bianca Rose Phillips is legal counsel and medical law researcher working on the boundaries of human and machine exploration in fields of medicine, science, and digital health. 

Her work has key focus areas - healthcare, digital health and AI technologies.


She has a particular interest in what causes misdiagnosis and failure to obtain treatment for conditions such as Binocular Vision Dysfunction and Vestibular Migraine. She is also particularly interested in the benefits and risks, including injuries and deaths, from uses of digital health technologies such as telemedicine and electronic health records. Furthermore, Bianca has a particular interest in communication styles for patients in maternity wards, hospital support for families, including access to wheelchairs for new mothers, physiotherapy, and compassionate feeding support. Additionally, she is interested in environmental causes of disease and disability, as well as access to needed support. 

Her qualifications are as follows: Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce, Graduate Diploma of Professional Legal Practice, Master of Laws (Medical Law & Telemedicine Thesis). She is Admitted as a Lawyer & Officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria. 

Her steadfast commitment to healthcare led to Bianca being selected as 'One of Fifty of the Most Influential voices in healthcare' by Medika Life. 

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My Story

We have all experienced the healthcare systems in our respective towns and cities. Many of us wish for better for the next generation. I have personally seen just how poorly patients can be treated in the healthcare system, truly the pits of the healthcare system both here in Australia and in third world countries. I have also seen another side to the healthcare system; the hope that surfaces when skill is coupled with support, whereby simple acts of kindness or knowledge sharing of a healthcare provider with their patient uplifts and changes a life. We must continue to aspire for a stronger healthcare system. 

My Services

Legal Counsel (Generalist)
with a special interest in healthcare matters
Law Firm - Clearpoint Legal

Doctor with Files

Author & Consultant 
Health & Medical Law Reform

Business Meeting

Board & Committee Member  
Hospital & Health Technology Enterprises

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