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Philosopher and lawyer, Bianca Rose Phillips, started this boutique philosophy and ethics consultancy to help innovators advance humanity in a safe and forward-thinking manner, with the lessons of history to bear.

The consultancy is now recognized as an industry leader in first principles thinking in ethics, philosophy and law-making, and is sought after by forward-thinking organizations worldwide. 

Her consultancy offers expert-in-residence, independent consulting and thought leadership in the industries of Voice Tech, Digital Health, Medicine, Science, Metaverse, Gaming, and Web Three. 

For an example of her approach of using first principles thinking to assist clients see the article: First Principles Thinking For Digital Health Lawmaking - ICT&health (

 The first step is to book a time to meet with Bianca. Click 'schedule appointment' to arrange a free 15-minute introduction call with  Bianca Rose Phillips.

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What We Do



Prepare your team and build an ethics-by-design presence. This is a cost effective way to build your Ethics by Design presence, internal processes and thought leadership. 




Bianca can assist your business to develop its global multidisciplinary strategy. She helps tech companies, hospitals and more. Bianca crafts a team for each project, working with you to ensure that the team has the leading experts in their respective domains. 




Is your business undertaking research in the domains of ethics, philosophy, law-making or law? Bianca has helped leading organisations with their global research and writing. 




Bianca has extensive experience in creating and teaching courses. Please visit the education tab for further details.



"Your consultation is always right on the mark. And, usually proactive before we think of the problem you point it out and make suggestions. You are the best consultant we have on our team, and you are on the other side of the planet! Time zones do not interfere with this amazing woman, her intellect, and her outstanding advice. Thank you Bianca."


Dr. Robert Andosca, CEO of INVIZA Health



Dr. Robert G. Andosca, Ph.D.

Co-founder, President, and CEO/CTO

INVIZA® Health – Powering Telehealth Connectivity™

Dr. Robert G. Andosca is the Co-founder and CEO/CTO of INVIZA® LLC (d.b.a. INVIZA® Health) which is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with its founding team distributed throughout the United States.


INVIZA Health are makers of highly accurate, all-in-one wearable health, fitness, and safety trackers, Inviza® Sole 1.0 smart insoles that self-charge from steps and the Inviza® Life 1.0 General Wellness, Fitness, and Safety, and Inviza® Care 1.0 Telehealth mobile apps. INVIZA Health is a kathy ireland® Small Business Network / kathy ireland® Worldwide partner company, which is majority owned, founded, and led by amazing women!


Dr. Andosca has 30+ years’ experience on the Internet of Things (IoT) including Connected Car, Industrial IoT, Telecommunications, and Wearable Technology, and in the microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)/sensors and the semiconductor integrated circuit industries. Dr. Andosca is passionate about the convergence of technologies, forming highly collaborative teams, and forming strategic partnerships, strategic and social media marketing, and MEMS/sensors and energy harvesting (EH), including mechanical/electromagnetic and piezoelectric, thermal, and photovoltaic (solar) technologies for many IoT and wearable technology applications.

Dr. Andosca's professional experience ranges from C-level to operational to engineering management, business development, and strategic marketing positions, and has been a scientist and engineer focusing on many MEMS/sensor products. Dr. Andosca is the founder and former CEO/CTO of MicroGen Systems Inc. for over a decade, which developed piezo-MEMS vibration EH successfully at Cornell University and transferred to high volume production in Germany. Dr. Andosca raised $12M for MicroGen, including an $8M Series A (two tranches) round and $4M+ in government grants and revenue. He has held director and other senior level positions at Advanced Energy Inc., Smart Systems & Technology Center, Lilliputian Systems, Umicore, Corning IntelliSense, Clare Corporation, Lockheed Martin, and Irvine Sensors, and is an adjunct professor in the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Mechanical Engineering Department.

Dr. Andosca earned his Ph.D. from The University of Vermont in Materials Science/Electrical Engineering and Physics in 2012. His dissertation research was on theoretical and experimental studies of piezo-MEMS vibration EH devices and sensors, and experimental work was performed at the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility He also holds an M.S. in Materials Science from UVM, and B.S. degrees in Mathematics and Physics from USNH, Keene State College. He is an author on twelve (12) published scientific papers and is an inventor on twenty-five (25) issued US and international patents and has another twenty-five (25) pending. He was cited by EE Times as one of ‘Twelve Movers and Shakers in MEMS’ and in MEMS Trends, MIT Technology Review and Scientific American magazines. Dr. Andosca has been an invited Keynote speaker over 15X and an invited speaker over 30X worldwide on IoT, Wearables, MEMS/sensors, and energy harvesting.

"Bianca we are looking to you to help drive change. I think what you are doing is important and truly transformative."

John Nosta, NostaLab

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David Hall.jpg

David A. Hall, MHA, MA, PMP, MIS/IT


David has held leadership positions from startups to Fortune 100 Management, in healthcare and academia as a former Indiana University Medical Center (IUMC) Administrator, Harvard University Congressional Fellow, and Adjunct Business/Technology Professor in China.


David has lived in/traveled to some 45 countries and found time to co-found 10 startups with 2 exits. 


David is an innovative/exponential thinker, mentor, connector, futurist, and emerging technology expert that currently leads TAMP, a Doctor First Digital Health Innovation company, as CEO.

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OTHER projects

We very occasionally join boards and subcommittees. We follow a strict due diligence process prior to doing so. Please consider this prior to asking us to join your board - we will ask questions and request information. 

We believe in giving back to society. We will consider a request for pro bono services on a case-by-case basis. 

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