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"The future of healthcare is my greatest concern" 


Golden Star

"Your consultation is always right on the mark. And, usually proactive before we think of the problem you point it out and make suggestions. You are the best consultant we have on our team, and you are on the other side of the planet! Time zones do not interfere with this amazing woman, her intellect, and her outstanding advice. Thank you Bianca."


Dr. Robert Andosca, CEO of INVIZA Health

Golden Star

"Bianca we are looking to you to help drive change. I think what you are doing is important and truly transformative."

John Nosta, Nosta LAB

Golden Star

"You are a global champion for the discipline."


Gil Bashe, Finn Partners

Golden Star

"There is no one else who is tackling some of the emerging technologies with relation to law as deeply, and with as much knowledge and advocacy as Bianca Phillips."

Audrey Arbeeny, AudioBrain

Golden Star

"One of the most positive, smart people I know.""Digital Health Genius."

Scott Becker, Attorney, Becker Group

Golden Star

"If you are involved in digital health (or would like to be) I suggest you engage Bianca Rose Phillips LLB. BComm.GradDipLP. LLM. for expert-in-residence consulting and thought leadership.


David Hall, CEO of TAMP

Bianca Rose Phillips
Legal Counsel & Medical Law Researcher in Australia


Bianca Rose Phillips Joins The University of Melbourne as a Visiting Scholar

Bianca Rose Phillips was invited to give a keynote speech at the "Making Digital Health Equity a Practical Reality" workshop hosted by Centre for Digital Transformation of HealthUniversity of Melbourne Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Ethics and Monash Network for Equity through Digital Health.

In the keynote, Banca focussed on the ethics advisory process. Particularly, the first two steps that our wonderful clients take with us:
1. alignment with their values and why they got into digital health in the first place; and
2. examination of the details of any project with a focus on the 'little things' they can do to better support ethics and equity, even in the face of difficult choices.

To highlight these two steps Bianca told the stories of a real person navigating equity challenges and how the first two steps of the above process could have helped to avoid or lessen the severity of the challenges.


"Thanks for a great talk that reminded us that healthcare is human" Wendy Chapman, Director of the Centre for Digital Transformation of Health.

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